NEPL Rules

Rules v5.2 (September 6, 2023) ​


  • The league costs $40 per season, the money goes toward finals prize money, swag, and awards.  All you have to do is show up for league at any one of the available dates and locations at least 5 of the 8 weekly sessions and play four games of head-to-head pinball in 3- and 4-league member groups to earn points.  (Plunge extra balls / bonus balls to save time!) .
  • Each league member is responsible to pay their own coin drop or house fee every week.  At public locations, games are set from $.25 - $2.00 per game and private locations have a house fee, typically $10.00.
  • League member’s 2 lowest scoring sessions are discarded to calculate their adjusted points for the season.
  • Adjusted points at the end of week 8 will determine your position in the 128 league member finals in one of four divisions.

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