NEPL Rules

Rules v3.0 (April 19, 2019) ​


  • The league costs $30 per season, the money goes toward finals prize money, swag, IFPA dues and awards.
  • Play four games of head-to-head pinball in 3- and 4-player groups to earn points.
  • Play at any one of the available dates and locations at least 5 of the 8 weekly sessions.
  • Each player picks one game to play, and off you go. (Plunge extra balls / bonus balls to save time!) ​
  • Each player’s 2 lowest scoring sessions are discarded to calculate their adjusted points.
  • Compete at least 3 of the first 5 sessions, your adjusted points will determine your placement in one of three divisions, A, B or C.
  • Adjusted points at the end of week 8 will determine your position in the 96 player finals in your predetermined division.
  • End-of-season league results will be submitted to the IFPA, and all eligible players will earn WPPR points for their participation. ​

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